A few COOL blogs!

Hi Everyone,
Here is a few cool blogs! Have fun checking them out!
They are not in order of what I like best to least. I like them all the same!

1. Banana and Bear
This blog is my friends Anna and Layne's blog! It is really awesome!

is my sister Celia's blog! It is really Epic!

3. Rooster Railway
is my dad's cool blog!

4. Sew Easy Tutorials
This blog is run by my friend Anna and her friend Joy! It is full of easy sewing DIYs!

5. American girl fan
Is a blog with tons of cool things to do with your doll!

6. Simply Dollightful
Is another amazing doll blog!

7. A Beautiful Mess
Is an awesome blog! It has DIYs, recipes, photography and much more!

8. Geninne's Art Blog
This is a very artsy blog! It is really cool!

Hope you had fun checking out these blogs!

        - Elly  

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